Comprehensive Market Assessment and Forecast for a Major Canadian Telecom

Our client required a more detailed market assessment than is available from traditional market research providers. We were asked in to build a comprehensive market model from the ground up, using primary and secondary sources.

We structured and conducted several hundred interviews with enterprise clients across Canada. We combined the data from the interviews and traditional secondary research in a telecom service demand model to quantify the total market by service and and geography.

The results of our work were used for company-wide strategic planning and resource allocation.
Market Share Model

Market Share Model for a Major Telecom Operator

Our consultants built a sophisticated US market share quantification model for an ILEC.

Client Requirements for the Model

  • Provide detailed market share information by geography, market segment, customer industry, or customer size
  • Must incorporate large external and internal databases of geographic, demographic, and revenue information

Our Approach

  • Users can select from several menus to define the desired parameters and the type of output desired
  • The model validates the input parameters and dynamically formats charts and numerical output

Ongoing Maintenance

  • A wide audience of end-users uses the model daily, while a client team carries responsibility for upkeep and updating of the model’s back-end with new revenue data on a quarterly basis
  • CAMBRIDGE STRATEGIC ADVISORS provides continuous support and help as needed in maintaining and running the model